About Us


Amba Gums & Feeds Products is a professionally managed global player in a business of acquiring processing and marketing Guar Gum for the last 33 years. Based in the region of Ahmedabad in state of Gujarat, India, the Company has a tradition of maintaining strong ties and business links with quality Guar Gum growers in India, which is the largest grower of Guar Gum crop all over the world. The processing plant itself is located in a region which produces maximum guar gum crop. Amba Gums and Feeds Products, therefore has the advantage of choosing the best raw material. The raw material is graded, processed and inspected by the Quality Assurance Team. It is then packed and distributed as per customers’ demand.


Amba Gums and Feeds Products is engaged in the business of exporting.Guar Gum Products Amba Gums and Feeds Products supplies its produce in the domestic market to leading multinational companies, pharmaceutical companies food industries, health care industries, textile, paper industry, explosive , mining , paint industries & directly exports to the more than 15 countries. The Company has established its leadership by offering quality products made within an infrastructure that conforms to international standards, and by offering the most competitive prices and unmatched customer services.

Product Range

The Company process guar gum and cassia powder in different forms given under:

Guar Gum or guaran is removed from guar bean. The guar gum acts as food and water store in these guar beans. Two main places where guar gum is grown are India and Pakistan. Guar gum is known to be highly soluble and the grading of guar gum qualities is based on its particle size and the thickness. There are various types of guar gum products such as the coarse mesh guar gum product whose thickness varies from time to time. The use of guar gum can be applied in various industries such as textile industry, paper industry, pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic industries. However, the food industry has the largest requirement for guar gum.

There are several benefits of guar gum. Firstly, it acts in relieving constipation related problem. Secondly, it can be used in diabetic diets and even weight loss programs. In addition to this, the high thickening ability of guar gum has made its use in the food industry grow.


Our R&D team is responsible for performing thorough research and inspection of guar gum products. As we are manufactures as well exporters of guar gum products therefore, our research and development department pays extra attention to details and qualities. We are constantly exploring new technologies so that we can produce high quality guar gum. One of the most important functions of our R&D team is to ensure the production of germ-free guar gum. Our main objective is to maintain quality, service, and improvement enabling us to achieve the threshold in production.

We have a fully equipped research and development department who analyses technical data, develop product samples, and facilitates demonstration of product application. Furthermore, Printing with dyes in various categories of thickeners on different fabrics forms an important part of our R & D procedures.


The Company maintains Quality Assurance department to ensure that the product is in conformity with CGMP (current good manufacturing procedures), SSOP (sanitary standard operation procedures) and ISO standards.

The scientific testing of random samples is being carried out at every intermediate stage of processing. Only after getting approval from Quality Assurance department the intermediate products are used for further processing and final packaging. For processing, the material is selected on the principle of first in, first out [FIFO]. The stringent care and hygienic conditions that are maintained throughout the processing period, and the fumigation (as per direction pest control of India) conducted before packing the material cannot be contaminated.


The Company successfully exports various countries in the world like:

  • USA

  • Australia

  • Germany

  • France

  • Spain

  • Denmark

  • Italy

  • Holland

  • Belgium
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Philippines

  • Korea
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Poland

Consumer demand in these countries bears testimony to the wholesome quality of Amba Gums & Feeds Products.