Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

About Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder:

The various names of fast hydration guar gum powder are diesel slurry guar gum, rapid hydrating guar gum powder, fast hydrating guar gum powder, quick hydration guar gum powder, quick hydrating guar gum powder and rapid hydration guar gum powder.

The most common uses of the fast hydration guar gum powder are to increase the oil and gas production in oil drilling, gas drilling and other well drilling industries.

It is also used in oil well drilling muds because it gives a better colloid which resulting to reduction of water losses. The viscosity of mud solution is regulated as well as the flow properties of the drilling mud is stabilized as well as regulated.

Guar gum helps to reduce friction in the holes, and so minimizing power requirements. Guar Gum products act to minimize water loss should occur in broken geological formations.

The only difference between regular guar gum and fast hydration guar gum is that the former gives viscosity after 2 hours whereas, the latter gives viscosity in few minutes.

Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder
Color : Off White / Ceramist.
Mesh : 200 Mesh retain 01%.
Texture : Fine powder soluble in water.
Ash : 01.00% Max.
Protein : 05.00% Max.
Moisture : 10.00% Max.
Gum (By Diff) : 82.00% Min
P.H. : 5 to 7

Fann Viscosity

Viscosity at 2% KCL Solution, with 0.48% Solution of Guar Gum Powder at FAN 35 Viscometer after minutes on 300 RPM at 25 C (stirring at 1500 RPM for two & half minutes in warring blender)

Grade – 1 Grade – 2 Grade – 3
3 minutes 31 cps min 35 cps min 38 cps min
5 minutes 33 cps min 37 cps min 42 cps min
30 minutes 35 cps min 39 cps min 46 cps min
1 hours 36 cps min 40 cps min 47 cps min