Cassia Powder Significance in Meat & Poultry Products

Cassia Powder is also called several other names like ‘Natural Henna’ and also by several other names Ranawara, Avaram Senna. Its source is the plant family Fabaceae, which is a green shrub. This is commonly found in India, Pakistan and several other parts of Asia.

Cassia Gum has a 75% composition of polysaccharide. This is the mainly a chain of mannopyrannose and galactopyranose units linking in a ratio of 5:1. Cassia powder is a fine powder with neutral taste and Oder. Cassia gum has significantly fewer galactose molecules which has a big effect on its characteristics. Cassia gum is proven to enhance the efficiency of producing food products by reducing the total hydrocolloid requirement. This is as per the research conducted.

There are several applications for Cassia-Powder including in medicine, hair treatment, and food products. This article describes Cassia-Powder and how it is important in Meat & Poultry products.

 What is Cassia Powder?

Cassia Gum is made from the seeds of a plant. Several countries including Japan and European Union have given approval to use Cassia Gum as a food additive. Thus Cassia-Powder serves many purposes as a foam stabilizer, for texture improvement, for moisture retention, even emulsification or stabilizing & thickening in food.

Cassia Tora Powder

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Cassia Powder Applications in Meat & Poultry Products

Cassia Powder has emulsifying, stabilizing, gelling properties as well as water retention properties. This makes it very useful in poultry and poultry containing dishes. The main benefit of using cassia-powder with poultry is that it is possible to maintain the product for up to 20 months. During these 20 months there are no chemical changes found in the product. Besides which Cassia-Powder is also hydroscopic up till a moisture level of 8% to 12% and does not interact with the nutrients in the food.

Cassia-Powder is an agent for moisture retention, thickener, and surface consistency. Besides it has several applications in meat products since it has the ability to improve texture of processed foods. A majority of convenience foods make use of this and since there is an increase in demand for such food there is an increase in demand for Cassia-Powder.

Cassia gum has gained a great deal of popularity due to its hydroscopic properties and is useful alone as a food additive in pet food as well as in processed human food.

Other Applications of Cassia Powder

Cassia-Powder has many applications in several other industries like food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, technical, and more. Here is a more detailed list of the extent of how useful Cassia-Powder is:

  • It is useful for Ice cream, soft serves, frozen cakes due to properties like water retention, ice crystal inhibitor; stabilizer agent.
  • Due to greater moisture retention and larger shelf life, it is useful for bakery products like bread, cakes pastry icing especially since it also helps with dough improvement.
  • With the ability to increases yield of curd solids and improves tenderness it is vital for cottage cheese and cream cheese.
  • It keeps the texture after sterilization. And thus is useful for Yogurts, desserts, and mousse.
  • Cassia Powder comes handy to help reduce splashing while filling, control viscosity and prevention of fat migration in Pet foods, corned beef, baby foods, etc.
  • It is acid resistant thickening and suspending agent and hence useful in drinks like Cocoa drink, fruit nectar, sugarless beverage and more.
  • Useful for salad cream, pickles, barbecue relish since it is cold water dispersible as well acid resistant emulsion stabilizer.
  • Since it is fast, cold dispersible thickening it is useful for pudding sauce, dessert, and beverage.