Cassia Powder: Remedial Solution to Diabetes Mellitus

“Diabetes Mellitus” is one of the growing and most troublesome metabolic disorders that is mostly induced due to genetic susceptibility and lifestyle choices. It decreases the potential to utilize carbohydrates due to adverse levels of insulin secretion by pancreas

A recent report shows that approx. 1 of every 11 people in the world is a diabetic. People rely on medicine to control blood glucose or the level of insulin half of their lives. Although, it is said to be a lifelong disorder, herbal medicine tends to disagree with this conventional overview.

Cassia Gum & Derivatives

Cassia Powder- Helps to Combat Diabetes

  • Cassia Powder, a product obtained from the seeds of Cassia Tora plant, is well known for its attributes when used in home, ayurvedic and modern remedies.
  • From recent studies, it is known that cassia tora extracts can help in regulating blood sugar and reducing cholesterol levels when administered to patients suffering from type-II diabetes.

Cassia Powder: Controls Blood Sugar Levels

  • Cassia Powder contains an enzyme called “CATO”. This enzyme helps to control blood glucose levels.
  • The scientists and industry experts came to a conclusion after conducting many researches and trials that regular dosage of butanol fractions (CATO) helps regulate the insulin production by pancreas significantly and thus help control diabetes, without making any changes in lifestyle.
  • It is safe to consume as it does not cause any side effects as compared to treatment with chemical components which give multiple side-effects.
  • According to various tests performed on subjects with latent and chemically induced diabetes, the administration of (CATO) showed stabilized regulation of blood glucose and overall improvement health of pancreatic cells.
  • Cassia powder acts heart tonic and helps to maintain the level of cholesterol and blood sugar. It also assists in getting rid of chronic diseases.  It is useful in combating indigestion, toning up heart muscles and purifying the blood.

How to Use Cassia as Home Remedies for Diabetes Type 1?

  • Cassia Tora root should be boiled in water at adequate ratio and consumed orally at regular intervals. It can act as an anti-diabetic to reduce blood sugar level.
  • The other parts of this multi-purpose herb such as bark and fruit are also used to treat diabetics.

In the valuable field of herbal remedies, Cassia powder’s properties as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, lipid reduction agent and also as immunity stimulant are varied and vast.

It has a diverse range of applications in other industries also, including general purpose food, pet food, textile, and petroleum industries to name a few. Cassia powder and other extracts of Cassia Tora have become quite well known due to its multifarious purposes.
It would be fit to conclude that Cassia Powder and elements extracted from it can be beneficial as a solution to control hypoglycemic effects of diabetes and minimize the relevant disorders like cholesterol.

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