Application of Guar Meal in Broiler Diet

Guar Gum is an extract from Guar seeds of a leguminous plant, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba. Guar is also often known as Cluster Beans. Guar Meal is the by-product produced from Guar Seed. It is toasted at a very high temperature for further processing to remove Trypsin Inhibitor; this is to mainly improve the nutritive value. It is a drought tolerant legume where the endosperm makes up 35 percent of the weight of the seed.

Guar meal is a popular product for cattle feed besides which it has several other applications as well. The other applications include viscosifier, binder, gelling agent, emulsifier. It has the highest protein content in animal feed group. It is also rich in carbohydrates and is a 100 percent natural agricultural product that does not contain any chemicals or preservatives. It is nutritional feed in the diet for broiler chickens.

Guar Meal for Animals and Pets

Guar Meal (Guar Fodder) for Animals and Pets

Broiler Diet

A broiler is any chicken that is bred for the purpose of meat product. Chicken are omnivores and usually placed on automated feeding of a special high protein diet. Guar Meal is the high protein and is useful in broiler diet.

Guar Meal is an animal feed with 55 percent of protein and also has a high fiber content. During the process of Guar split manufacturing husk and germ are obtained that are also used for feed. It is available as Guar Meal Churi (a powder form) and Guar Meal Korma (granular form). It is a 100% natural agricultural product that is rich in protein and carbohydrates and contains no trace of additional chemicals or preservatives. Although it is a complete meal nutrient food by-itself; it is often useful in conjunction with other animal feed.

Other Popular Applications

  • Cosmetics industry
  • Water treatment
  • Oil well drilling
  • Explosives
  • Bakery products, meat products, beverages, dressings, etc.
  • Water retention agent.
  • Binder, Printing processes and finishing agents.

Facts and Stats of Guar Gum

  • India is one of the biggest exporters of this product.
  • India exports 90% of the Guar Gum production.
  • India’s export in 2016-2017 was 467.9 Million USD for 4,23,285 MT of Guar Gum.
  • The export of Guar Gum increased in 2018 by approximately 4%.
  • The global export percentage of this for India in 2017 was 52.3%.
  • The market size was 625.3 Million USD in 2017.
  • By 2022, it is expected that the global market size will be 1115.8 Million USD.
  • There a large consumption of this in the oil and gas industry.
  • The global market is expected to reach US $1300 Million by 2026.

Benefits of Guar-Meal for Animal Feed

  • It has a uniform fine particle size, which ensures good water-binding ability.
  • It is an excellent thickening agent.
  • It hydrates rapidly in cold water and produces a highly viscous solution.
  • It has a bland taste and is odorless.
  • This powder has very good film-forming property.
  • It contains a large amount of crude protein.
  • It goes through a process of removal of anti-nutritive factors, it has a high percentage of digestibility.
  • It is known for the benefits of providing high energy and less digestible fiber.
  • Also known for a balanced amino acid profile.

Thus, Guar Meal is a product obtained from Guar seeds and is popularly used for the purpose of animal feed. It has become very popular due to its rich nutritional factors. Several types of research still take place on the impact of Guar on the immune system. This is mainly concerning food safety and there is hope that the new discoveries will improve the guar production resulting in better animal feed.