Why Guar Meal is Beneficial as Cattle feed ?

It’s never too easy to maintain the health of cattle. The management requires a lot of patience along with knowledge. The dilemma which most of the farmers or owners face is “What to feed the animal?”
Well, the latest research approved that Addition of Guar meal in cattle’s food has shown improvement in cattle’s health but before we start with” Why Guar Meal is Beneficial as cattle Feed”. Let’s know what is guar meal?

  • Guar meal is well known as protein animal food as it contains approx 55% protein. It is basically a husk of guar gum split and germ of guar seed. The husk removed from guar seed is called guar churi which contains approx 35 percent protein whereas the germ of guar seed is referred to as guar kurma. The guar kurma consists of 50 percent protein. Guar Meal has been proved as protein and carbs rich product which doesn’t contain any kind of additive or any sort of preservatives or chemicals in it. Guar meal is also used as an additive in the feed. Sometimes, it is directly used as a feed for cattle as it contains all nutritional value components and is GMO-free product. The guar meal is also used as a substitute for soya beans meal as it is rich in protein. The guar meal helps in balancing blood sugar and cholesterol levels of an animal.
Guar Meal for Animals and Pets

Guar Meal (Guar Fodder) for Animals and Pets

Why should we include Guar meal in Cattle food?

  • Guar meal is a strong source of natural protein and carbohydrates which helps in the growth of an animal.
  • Guar meal is a natural product which does not include by the chemicals and preservatives. So if your serve guar meal means to your cattle then be sure that you are feeding organic food to your cattle.
  • The processed form of guar meal is added in animal feed as it provides high nutrition and maintains the health of cattle.

How Guar Meal is Beneficial as Cattle Feed

  • The guar meal contains around 56.88 percentage of crude protein.
  • The guar meal is highly digestible and improves digestion of cattle.
  • The guar fodder even holds an adequate amount of amino acid.
  • The protein-rich guar feed contains high energy in comparison to soya meal.

Types of Guar Meal

Guar Meal Korma

It is utilized as an important raw material in the production of cattle feed. It is especially used for making feed for fish, poultry, swine, and many others.
The Guar Kurma helps in improving the health of cattle. The meal generally holds a foul smell before processing but once it undergoes processing, it becomes odorless and becomes consumable.
Earlier soya meal was used for the making of cattle’s feed which tends to be costly. The Guar Korma settled itself as the best alternative of soya meal and has been cheaper than the soya meal.

Guar Churi meal:

It is the by-product of the guar seeds which contains approximately 454% oil & albuminoid. It is free from E-coli, salmonella and other infection. It is used as a good binding agent accumulating other raw material used in animal feed.

Guar churi is present as powder or husk and is considered as one of the most nutritious ingredients for animals. Well, Guar meal has been proved as healthy food and is used as fodder for cattle. The nutrition-rich feed is now preferred over soya meal because of its affordable cost and high protein content. The nutritious cattle’s feed is completely natural and does not contain any toxic content which can harm your cattle. So, improve your cattle’s health by including Guar meal in the fodder.