Rising Demand of Cassia Powder across the Globe

Cassia gum powder is obtained by grinding the seeds of Cassia tora, a weed belonging to the caesalpiniacea family. These plant is extensively grown in the South Asia.

India being the largest manufacturer of cassia gum, benefits a lot from its export to several countries across the globe.

Demand of Cassia powder across the globe has been on the rising trend.

Several reasons are responsible for this trend.

  1. Guar gum powder, that is extensively utilized in a wide variety of industries, including, food industry, cosmetics, printing, building, construction, mining, etc., is costlier as compared to cassia powder. Across most of these industries, guar gum can easily be replaced by, Cassia Gum powder. It provides a cost-effective alternative.
  2. Another major factor contributing to the rising demand of cassia powder is its efficient production. A lot of countries produce cassia gum in a large amount. This gives more stability to the price and thus to the cost-range of various businesses. Hence it has been preferentially used over guar gum powder.
  3. The regulations that restricted the import-export of cassia powder and its use in wide variety of products, have been lifted and people have realized the usefulness of the powder. Thus the government and administrations of several count
  4. Apart from its use for business purposes, cassia powder is also used for personal use like a flavouring agent, as a replacement to coffee. In some places, the leaves are cooked and consumed as vegetables. These personal use has led to the benefits for the farmers and thus these factors contribute to the increased production, which provides the hydro colloid at a lower cost. Thus increasing the demand.
  5. Therapeutic uses of cassia vary from health beverages to a medicine that might improve human vision. The seeds and leaves have also been used for treatment of skin diseases and constipation. These wide applicability of cassia in individual life have also affected the increasing demand of the cassia powder.
  6. Recently, the natural hydro colloids’ use in the global businesses have increased. This owes to an increasing trend of usage of natural products in food and cosmetic industries.

Major importers of Cassia powder are, USA, Canada, Korea, etc. The export value of Cassia tora has been progressively increasing over the last five years. Comprehensive analysis of the  export data over the recent years disclosed that Japan and the UK receive a regular supply, while the United States market fluctuates.

  • USA has shown an increasing use of cassia powder in the crude oil industry. Demand of crude oil industry has increased and thus the use of the cassia powder. This has put USA on the top list of major importers of Cassia powder from India. The use in mining, cosmetic, paper industry has also contributed to its demand.
  • Europe has been mainly importing the cassia powder for its use as a thickening agent in the production of animal food.
  • Most important use if cassia powder in Japan is for the food industry. The viscifier is affordable as compared to other hydro colloids