Cassia Gum: Measures to Combat its Usage Hindrances

Cassia Gum: Measures to Combat its Usage Hindrances

Cassia gum is procured from the seeds of Senna tora or Cassia Obtusifolia which belongs to Fabaceae family. This plant grows in Northern parts of India.

 It is used in various industries such as feed industry, air fresher gel making industry, etc as gelling agent. It is soluble in boil water and builds viscosity upon cooling.

Some effective measures to combat challenges which hinder its usage are listed below:

Smart Farming & Agriculture
The smart cultivation of cassia gum became a basic requirement to maintain its consistent quality and quantity.

  • The farmers adopted scientific methods in its cultivation. They started using proper quality seeds, pesticides and fertilizers to get yield of high quality.
  • Smart farming relies on data transmission and the concentration of data in remote storage systems to enable the combination and analysis of various farm data for progressive decision making.
  • SF tools can help to reduce impacts of factors such as temperature, precipitation, and soil moisture. It keep them constant or reduce production costs in agricultural activities and they can assist in minimizing environmental constraints.


Innovative Infrastructure and Research & Development

The innovation in infrastructure and R&D department helps to increase the yield of quality cassia powder.

  • Hygienic Standards: The hygienic standards must be followed to ensure food safety.  The factors such as Machinery & Production design, Pest Control, Waste management, Correct handling, storage & transport, Staff Training and many more should be considered to maintain hygienic standards.
  • Quality Assurance Department: This department works on detection of germs. It ensures that the customer receives germ-free goods.
  • Research and Development Department: The active R&D department conducts market research and studies market analysis. It explores the new technological advances to process the cassia powder. It also takes steps for product enrichment and product innovation.
  • Preservation & Packaging: The preservation methods should be adopted to preserve the texture and quality of cassia powder. The packaging standards must be adhering to maintain it in good condition when it reaches to customer.

Certifications & Regulations

  • GMP Certificate– Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate ensures products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
  • ISO 22000:2005– This certificate specifies requirements for a food safety management system and ability of organization to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of human consumption.
  • Dioxin Test Reports– This report contains a thorough review of exposures to dioxin-like compounds (DLCs) through feed and food pathways and the discussion of its adverse health effects. Thus, foods producing companies should have this report to show that the proportion of these chemical compounds present in the food items that will not harm the health of consumers.

Promotion of its usage among industries

The cassia gum is used in broad range of industries such as manufacturing industries, pet feed industry, food and beverage industry. The steps to promote its business must be taken to make producers aware about its significance.

  • The marketing strategies should be adopted by suppliers. They can conduct seminars and workshops for enquirers and potential customers to maximize their knowledge about cassia gum and its industrial applications.
  • The advertisements of products be it online or offline impacts the business in large scale. It promotes the products along with company name.
  • Proving free samples to enquirers and potential customers can increase the chances of getting business from them.
  • Referrals and word-of-mouth marketing by providing incomparable customer services helps to get the business effortlessly.

Conclusion: One must find effective solutions to convert challenges into opportunities. George Patton has quoted, “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory”. Thus, there may be challenges to use of cassia gum at optimum level but one must take note of its bright scope because its global demand is increasing rapidly.

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